The ITEGA — an idea honed over seven years by hundreds of collaborators
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As part of what was initially dubbed the “Information Valet Project”  (video – 9 mins.) / (video – 15 mins.) /  (story, Editor’s Weblog)  / (story, ReadWrite)  more than 300 people who share a passion for sustaining the values, principles and purpose of journalism have participated in interviews and discussions and attended or participated in more than a dozen task-focused meetings since 2008 — five during 2015.

  • Tracy Clark

    Reportory’s Tracy Clark

    In January, 2014, RJI convened an off-the-record “kitchen cabinet” conversation with  12 news-industry editors and strategists to collected updated thinking on how to address the new “attention-age” economy. One conclusion — a significant need for new research on the non-news information interests of millennials readers/viewers and experimentation with how to provide them with a personalized news/information experience that saves time and confusion. RJI commissioned study of personalization services, and asked two development-stage companies, Taxonometrics Inc. and Reportory, to experiment.
  • During 2014 and early 2015, RJI Fellow Bill Densmore interviewed more than 85 news- and information-industry scholars and practitioners for a sequence to the “Paper to Persona” report, authoring “From Persona to Payment.”  Among those interviewed, 33 said they were willing to serve in a steering-committee role to help envision and plan an Information Trust Exchange.
  • Following the release of the report, RJI invited 25 industry experts, many of them among those interviewed for “From Persona to Payment”  to a May 7, 2015 roundtable discuss at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton and issued to the a call to action:

“The “Persona to Payment” report found no one ‐‐ including technologists ‐‐ who thought creating technology to achieve the objectives of a user- and content-sharing exchange is an unsurmoutable financial or engineering challenge. The challenge they see is how to identify and stick to an agreed mission and value propositions. In Chicago, on May 7, we’ll have a crack at it.”