Building Digital Markets Based on Trust

ITEGA fosters a digital marketplace that respects user privacy and supports content creators.



News outlets have lost control over ad revenue

Consumers have lost control of personal data

Advertisers are paying for bots, not real views


Turn news outlets into data protectors

Give consumers control over personal data

Provide advertisers with opted-in viewers


News outlets increase the trust of users and the value of ads

Consumers control their privacy while getting information they want

Advertisers get high quality views


Trust, Identity and Data Privacy – A Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Protecting consumers, news, brands and democracy

April 24–26, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Ethan Zuckerman

Managing identity and privacy for the public is an important unmet challenge. There is no institution better positioned than local news organizations to provide this service to the public in the context of a trusted third party like ITEGA

Ethan Zuckerman

Director, MIT Center for Civic Media

Fran Wills

Privacy is of paramount importance to the Local Media Consortium, its members, and the consumers who engage with local news. Because of ITEGA’s expertise and commitment to online privacy, we’ve partnered with them to develop privacy practices for our members that better protect consumers and reduce ad fraud.

Fran Wills

CEO, Local Media Consortium

Douglas K. Smith

Friends often ask me when someone will put together a ‘Netflix for news,’ with one password that works on many sites but respects privacy. ITEGA is my favorite of the proposals so far.

Douglas K. Smith

Executive Director, Columbia , Journalism School's Sulzberger Executive Leadership Program