LINK: Running references to GDPR resources 

Elie Auvray, the founder of Swiss technology company Jahia has co -authored with a colleague a set of narrative slides explaining their view of what publishers and other companies need to in order to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protect Regulation, effective May 25, 2018.

The AdWeek guide to GDPR:


Over the course of the past 20 years, brands, agencies and publishers have poured billions into building sophisticated advertising technology systems capable of collecting reams of data about consumers’ online preferences and interests—and then with hyper-precision, deploying targeted ads. This year alone, according to the digital marketing research firm eMarketer, U.S. advertisers are estimated to spend $39 billion on programmatic ads. But now, Europe’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, set to take effect on May 25, is changing the game, potentially placing this massive data-driven ad spending at risk.”

The DigiDay Guide to GDPR:

The ad-tech news blog DigiDay has developed a downloadable guide to GDPR:

Download Digiday’s Guide to GDPR



The Article 29 Working Party (the umbrella body for EU data protection regulators), has also published guidance: