Team — Key staff and collaborators to ITEGA


Bill Densmore

Bill Densmore is executive director of the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association.  Healso  is a Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) fellow and author of its white paper, “From Persona to Payment: A Status Reprot on the News Ecosystem, and a Challenge to Create the Next One.” (2015).  A career journalist, publisher and tech entrepreneur, Densmore has been an editor/writer for The Associated Press in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco and for trade publications in business, law,  insurance and information-technology in Boston, Chicago and New York. He co-owned and published The Advocate newsweeklies for the Berkshires/southwestern Vermont, from 1983-1992. Densmore founded Amherst, Mass.-based Clickshare Service Corp. , which provides user registration, authentication, content access control and transaction services to Internet web content sites and publishers.  He is co-founder of Taxonometrics Inc., incubating the  YourStream® news personalization service. He’s a founding member and director of Journalism That Matters and also served eight years on the board of the New England Newspaper & Press Association and four years on the board of Shires Media Partnership, Inc.  Densmore also served as director/editor of the Media Giraffe Project. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of The Berkshire Eagle. Densmore holds a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in environmental policy and communications. He’s based in Williamstown, Mass.


Interm Executive Director

Michelle de Mooy

Michelle De Mooy is an expert in privacy, data protection and technology policy, with a focus on responsible and ethical uses of personal data.  Her latest research and report, “Heal-gorithms: Understanding the Potential for Bias and Discrimination in mHealth Apps,” explores how data analytics may inadvertently introduce bias into mobile health app content, reducing the effectiveness and relevance of applications for different communities, and recommends approaches for developers, businesses and policymakers on identifying and mitigating bias. She is also author of “Towards Privacy-Aware Research and Development in Wearable Health,” which considers how wearable companies should incorporate privacy and ethics into their internal R&D process, and numerous other written works. She has been director of the  Privacy and Data Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology, where she led a team of talented lawyers and policy professionals, working most recently to draft and lobby for baseline privacy legislation in the United States.  Before CDT, Michelle was a political campaign consultant for M+R Strategic Services and worked in the tech sector in product management and software engineering. She has a BA in government from Lehigh University and an MA in strategic communications from American University. 

Business development partner

Greg Swanson

Greg Swanson, is a digital sales and management expert and opinion leader on media who has raised industry standards for digital marketing, online identity, and privacy. Clients and industry leaders nationwide have sought Greg’s deep expertise in online media and his penchant for bringing diverse and innovative ideas to the table.Greg has served as digital director of national media companies including Lee Enterprises and 10/13 Communications as well as founding and leading his own companies. He co-founded The Insiders’ Guides, which grew to become one of the largest domestic travel guidebook series in the U.S., and was a founding staff member of the Independent Weekly in Durham, N.C.Greg is a partner at ITZontarget,,, OneBoat Guides, Destination Commerce Corp., the OBXGuides and (with Swift Newspapers). He lives in Portland, Oregon.

News and industry advisor

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is author of Defining Brand Safety Series by the Brand Safety Institute, Founder of the IAB Tech Lab, principal technology and program Founder of the Trustworthy Accountability Group, former President of Media News Group Interactive and was a pioneer in the development of and many other digital publishing and ad technology platforms and products. His work involves steering the global digital advertising and news publishing industry towards economic sustainability, best user-experience practices, “hygiene” and standards. He’s based in Boulder, Colo.


Technical advisor, NewsSSO

Sean Goggins

Sean P. Goggins is technical project manager for the NewsSSO initiative and was a collaborator on the Global Consent Manager project. He is an associate professor of computer science at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he directs the data science and analytics masters program and focuses on open-source research supported by The Sloan Foundation, National Science Foundation, Reynolds Journalism Institute, Mozilla,  US Department of Education and Drexel University. Before academia, his software-engineering career included stints at Coopers & Lybrand, Guidant and Nestle Purina. Research interests include the future of work, tools for open collaboration, and the sociology of online groups and virtual organizations.


Lead technology consultant

Don Marti

Don Marti is ITEGA’s lead technology consultant and strategic advisor. His current project is advising Consumer Reports on how “authorized agents” would work under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Until April, 2020, he was an open-source strategist at Mozilla. Earlier he was editor of Linux Journal and former president of the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group. He has written for Linux Weekly News and other publications, and co-authored a paper on the economics of software quality for the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security. He has been a speaker on user data, targeting, and signaling effects in advertising at Ogilvy Nudgestock and the MSIX conference. He serves on the board of the Linux Foundation’s CHAOSS project. He is the founder of the Aloodo Project, the first publisher and brand-centric tool for incentivizing end user tracking protection. Don has worked in software development, technical marketing, and media. He blogs at

Project Consultant, Tech

Graf Mouen

Graf Mouen spent 20 years in the systems development division of ABC News, where he was the lead architect of the ABC’s Media Archive Retrieval System . He is an expert on taxonomy and knowledge discovery, having filled this role as the Chairman of the Task Force on Metadata Management for the Disney Company . Mr. Mouen has also been a senior consultant in Ernst & Young’s media advisory services. With an MFA from Yale Drama School and undergraduate history degree from Yale College, his early career was as a college professor teaching acting, directing and theater history at Fordham University and Marymount College, as well as directing plays and musicals in New York and regional theater.


Technology consultant

Brendan Riordan-Butterworth

Brendan Riordan-Butterworth is an ITEGA technology consultant. He is an independent expert on advertising technology, identity and security. Until December, 2018, he was Senior Director of Technical Standards at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab, which he joined in 2012. He participates in industry working groups and studies at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and elsewhere on the implications of ad tracking and the use of HTTP “cookies.” He is knowledgeable about third-party ad serving and the impact of ad fraud. From 2006-2011 he worked at Microsoft Corp., managing data collection and cookie-management technologies for MSN,, Bing, Atlas/aQuantive, and A Canadian, he studied Pure Science at CEGEP Heritage College in Gatineau, Québec. Riordan-Butterworth is interested in helping develop a common conceptual framework for discussing value exchanges beyond advertising that will allow content and service providers to survive and thrive.


Web service and editorial consultant

Eva Tucker

Eva Tucker is ITEGA’s digital-marketing specialist and front-end web developer. She is a founder and  principal of HUMAN Design, Marketing and Technology. She is a digital problem solver who works alongside organizations on marketing and operational goals, including online community-building efforts, deploying tools that increase output and efficiency, front-end web development, brand development and social media marketing. Her clients have included iSelect Fund, Barnes Jewish Hospital, Pacific Gas & Electric, Mercedes Benz,  Centers for Disease Control, RR Donnelly, Edward Jones, Enterprise Holdings, Anheuser-Busch and the United Nations.  She is also founder of Knewsco Digital Inc., a development-stage effort to take an educational approach to how news is found and presented. using information architecture, neurscience and educational theory.  She also a congressional ambassador with the Alzheimer’s Association and the president of Lean In St. Louis.