PRIVACYTOWN: How a news organization can become its community's "privacy protector" — Signup


Your local news organization could become a pilot PRIVACYTOWN.

Learn how your can build trust with your community and increase local advertising.

To become the first media organization in your area to embrace the “PrivacyTown” initiative, please complete the WEBFORM below and we’ll be in touch as we begin to pick the first communities to enroll.

Privacytown is a unique opportunity for local news organizations to become privacy advocates in their communities, strengthen and grow relationships with their local audiences and increase revenue. The initiative involves three components:

  • Positions your organization as a trusted local media outlet and privacy champion that values the people and businesses in your community
  • Builds awareness of the value of your audience (real humans instead of bots) to local advertisers
  • Provides an opportunity for you to lead public education about how the loss of personal privacy impacts democracy and the communities we live in

Privacytown aims to protect local citizens’ privacy and reinforce that local media is the most trustworthy advertising vehicle for local businesses. Local news organization are still the best source for local online content — and the best place to reach audiences that are local and human.

Reserve your Privacytown role — CRITERIA

  • Market size:  population 100,000-500,000
  • Local unique visitors:  minimum of 50,000 / month
  • On-site digital resource and sales team
  • Publish weekly progress reports
  • Publish a case study showcasing results at the end of the program  
  • Newsroom collaboration and acceptance
  • Ability to signup new newsletter email participants or paid digital subscribers   
  • Commit that no user data will be shared with third parties without their explicit consent

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