Jan. 21 Discussion participants in the session of “Identity, Advertising and the Future of Journalism”

Discussion participants in the Jan. 21 session of “Identity, Advertising and the Future of Journalism”





  • Wally Snyder is founder and president of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Institute for Advertising Ethics (IAE) an education and public advocacy group. Snyder’s career has focused on advertising development, regulation and ethics. IAE’s nine principles covers privacy: “Advertisers should never compromise consumers’ personal privacy in marketing communications, and their choices as to whether to participate in providing their information should be transparent and easily made.”  Snyder served as a trial lawyer and as assistant director for advertising practices at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission before joining the American Advertising Federation (AAF) where he served as president and CEO, from 1992–2008. Snyder was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame® in 2009. He has worked with the Reynolds Journalism Institute, the University of Texas and the AAF.



    • Alan Butler is interim executive director general counsel of the  Electronic Privacy Information Center.  EPIC is a nonprofit research center focused on emerging privacy and related human-rights issues. Butler has argued cases involving workplace and consumer privacy. He is chair fo the privacy and information protection committee of the American Bar Association’s Section on Civil Rights and Social Justice.  His is a graduate of UCLA School of Law.
    • Travis Clinger is a key leader in the ad-tech industry seeking to re-engineer a trustworthy system more aware of consumer privacy. He serves on boards of  IAB Tech Lab and the Advertising ID Consortium and is also SVP addressability & ecosystems at LiveRamp  He’s a graduate of Rollins College.  LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic solution to identity is integrating with The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 solution.
    • Scott Cunningham is an independent consultant to the 90-member Local Media Consortium, and project lead on its NewsNext Program — a strategy for deepening the relationship among news organizations, their subscribers, advertisers, readers and viewers. His long history — from the student daily at the University of Wisconsin, on the editorial, advertising and technical roles at the top of the U.S. newspaper industry, at USAToday, MediaNews Group and elsewhere — includes founding the IAB Tech Lab.
    • Lisa Macpherson, has been an experienced media marketing and brand-transformation executive at Hallmark Cards, Fisher-Price and Timberland. She has turned to understanding and helping reshape the Internet technology ecosystem to better serve democracy and local journalism. She is a senior policy fellow at Public Knowledge, an NGO working at the intersection of copyright, telecommunications and internet law. She is an advanced leadership fellow at the Harvard JFK School and a former organizer for the Center for Humane Technology.
    • Jordan Mitchell, moved from an entrepreneurial career in advertising technology to pioneer efforts at a new approach for managing Internet user identity and data. He is now SVP, consumer privacy, identity and data at the  Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab.  For seven years he was VP product for advertising automation company Magnite Inc. (then known as The Rubicon Project).  He holds an account degree from Michigan State.
    • Mathieu Roche has worked in ad-tech for 15 years until co-founded London-based  ID5.io two years ago. As co-founding CEO, he wants to use linked IDs to help premium publishers and innovative ad-tech vendors with a better identity framework to enable them to compete against Google, Facebook and other closed systems.. Before staring ID5, Roche spent 11 years at European semantic profiling specialist Weborama. Earlier, for six years he did deal analysis for venture-capital firm Startup Avenue.  He serves on the board of IAB France. His MBA is from Georgia Tech.
    • Achim Schlosser is CTO and director European NetID Foundation an alliance of major German publishers broadcasters and ISPs that runs a federated single-sign on (SSO) service for users within the European Union in competition with U.S. platforms such as Google and Facebook.  Founders and participants include Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland , ProSiebenSat.1 and United Internetes and Deutsche Telekom among others. NetID reports 50 million unique users per month with 38 million active accounts. The login is available on over 65 websites. Schlosser is active in efforts by W3C members to develop privacy-supporting replacements for third-party cookies. Before NetID, Schlosser was a senior manager with KMPG Germany and held several technical roles at Cisco. He holds a computer-science masters, focused on data management and exploration, from RWTH Aachen University.
    • Arvid Tchivzhel is managing director, digital services for Mather Economics Inc., which provides data translation and analytics around audience, advertising, content and subscription conversion to the newspaper and other industries. He advises globally on digital transformation strategies and implementation. HE has worked with cable, hospitality, consumer services, nonprofits and “big box” retailers. A frequent industry-gathering speaker, he has degrees in economics and Spanish from Furman University. He has been an ITEGA task-group participant.

Identity, Advertising and the Future of Journalism” is a webinar series curated by the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association (ITEGA), dedicated to advancing information commerce through trustworthy identity and privacy, with support from the Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

The series concludes with a final session on Feb. 4. Anyone may participate by registering in advance.


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