INVITATION — Join a Jan. 21 virtual discussion on advertising, identity, privacy and journalism


What would be possible — for advertising, for privacy and for journalism — if the Internet had a way to govern, in the public interest, how identity data are shared and used?

As a Privacy Beat reader, we want to invite you to look in on a free, public, provocative, three-part discussion — ongoing on Jan. 21 at 2 p.m. via Zoom  O organized by ITEGA with the help of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.


Learn details and who else is participating:

This three-part series is designed to: (1) Define the landscape affecting journalism, identity, privacy and advertising; the problems and opportunities. (2) On Jan. 21, explain how private market and regulatory changes are changing advertising and journalism, and survey possible solutions and (3) On Feb. 4, outline the experts and entrepreneurs who ITEGA thinks may be part of a shared-user network for trust, identity, privacy — and information commerce.

Among the propositions up for discussion is this assertion: “Surveillance capitalism will destroy the free market and democratic values, starting with privacy and an independent press, without the adoption of user-centric digital identities that are governed in the public interest.”  Do you agree?  Our next webinar on Jan. 21 will be focused on how privacy initiatives and regulations are affecting how web advertising works, and how data which identifies us as individuals is increasingly viewed as “toxic” or even illegal. When you register, the link you receive will give you muted-mike access to the discussion. Registrants are invited to comment on Jamboard (link will be sent to you in advance of the webinar) or to comment in the chat on the Zoom event page.

This series is part of ITEGA’s vision to serve editors, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and journalism advocates taking on the task of making a new market for digital information, one that is governed by a public benefit nonprofit and guided by the public interest. We are committed to respecting individual identity and privacy.

We appreciate the support of Craig Newmark Philanthropies in this work.

Thank you for your participation and ideas.
— Bill Densmore, ITEGA president/founder


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