Benefits of ITEGA

News organizations are losing relationships with their users to tech platforms. The public is losing trust in online content and content providers.  Publishers are losing the ability to earn revenue from advertising.  European privacy regulation will likely render obsolete or illegal the way digital advertising works today.
ITEGA creates standardization for exchange of user log-in (and identity) attributes for single-sign-on, shared (network) subscriptions and transparent ad targeting by universal, transparent ID and attribute-exchange formats — an “ICANN for identity.”
Benefits of ITEGA, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 corporation, include:

  1. Making an (open) marketplace for digital information exchange/payment
  2. Championing and fostering non-proft, public governance of identity exchange
  3. Identity services competitively distributed among a plurality of providers
  4. Confirming real people and their provenance (but still able to be anonymous)
  5. Gathering publishers and new producers around common identity/privacy standards
  6. Enabling individuals to opt-in to controlled sharing of their identity information with trusted content and service providers
  7. Enabling content providers to offer personalized information to those who opt-in
  8. Enabling content providers to form and share markets around these opted-in users
  9. An option to develop or support small-payment aggregation or network subscription services
  10. A move beyond the tech platforms’ de facto lock on user identity/privacy
  11. A neutral opportunity to be standards compliant (or face regulatory scrutiny)
  12. Respectful of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)