Problems and solutions

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  • News organizations are losing control of their users to tech platforms; status quo fails
  • Public losing trust in online content and content providers
  • Content providers are losing direct access to their users
  • Content providers are losing the ability to earn revenue via advertising
  • Readers/viewers/users seek simple, standard experiences that work across multiple sources and platforms, yet can be personalized.


  • Standardization for exchange of user log-in (and identity) attributes for single-sign-on, shared subscriptions and transparent ad targeting by universal ID format’ an “ICANN for identity.”
  • Trusted rules and protocols manage identity, data exchange similar to ICANN, original Visa, EduRoam, standard-gauge railroads, standard-60-cycle AC, BlueTooth SIG.
  • But it must not be controlled by a single, for-profit entity that becomes a “tollgate” for its own account.
  • Open, competitive market for users and service providers is a must.
  • ITEGA membership required; competition on services, price, applications


  • Making an (open) marketplace for digital information exchange/payment
  • Champion and foster non-profit, public governance of identity exchange
  • Identity services distributed among a plurality of providersGather publishers and new producers around common identity/privacy standards
  • Enabling individuals to opt-in to controlled sharing of their identifying information with trusted content and service providers
  • Enabling content providers to offer personalized information to those who opt-in
  • Enabling content providers to form and share markets around these opted-in users
  • Option to develop or support small-payment aggregation services
  • Move beyond platforms’ (Google/FB) de facto lock on user identity / privacy
  • A neutral opportunity to be standards compliant (or face regulatory scrutiny?)

Learn about the ITEGA vision