We’re now working on specific architecture for a proof-of-concept demonstration and we’d like input from advertisers before we freeze the design. 
Some key questions we need help answering:
  • How important is to advertisers to have interest information about a unique user, rather than interest or intention cohorts?
  • Do advertisers in all cases consider it important to reach consumers in an environment which signals quality and trust?
  • Would a non-profit consortium operating a shared network for managing user identity and ad delivery be preferable to the current environment of competing commercial platforms (Google, Facebook, exchanges)? 
  • Who has done work on assembling best practice for a taxonomy of user attributes for targeting and personalization (ads and/or content). 
  • Is there a need for a trusted-third party (new or existing) which can provide comprehensive census-level tracking and settlement of advertising payment exchange? (sort of a non-proprietary, web-wide Google AdSense)?